Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My blog is finally PROPERLY hosted at http://www.expressivelyjoho.com/blog which should be the same links everyone's using, it's just that i had to do a redirect to blogger for some admin reasons before, but now it's not necessary.

Everything managed to be imported over to the wordpress engine, so blogger will not be updated anymore. This link will still be here, but you really should move on!

Thanx to my ADMIN for the speedy and excellent work, it's so cool!


Monday, January 28, 2008

HK photos... (some)

my new "processing method" =P

typical HK street shots:

One from the wedding:

Waiting for the train:

Me on the train... helps when there's a xmm next to me. heeee~~

all shots clickable. =)

good ol' fuji superia from 7-11. and fast service from Mr Wong from Fotostation!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reached HK!

Skip this post because it looks to be a whole heap of blabber....

Didn't get much sleep last nite, nor on the plane, but I'm cool with not sleeping on the plane on short flights anyway, read the papers (I only read papers on planes, seriously), found out that there was some panic in the US market yesterday, so does that mean bus fares will go down??? I don't even take bus.... =P

Anywayz, reached HK airport, had the ricoh with me, but didn't take pics. Still haven't taken a single pic. I guess I've been here often enough to not be that excited to be here again.

Mama and Daddy are in HK too, to rendezvous with me enroute to somewhere, so they managed to get my at my hotel and we'll be meeting later for dinner.

Why all the non-consequential facts? Cos i'm bored in the hotel room and I can't do any work since it's all back in SG......

Weather, you ask? I have no idea really... Airport was warm enough, airport express train was warm enough, free shuttle bus from HKG station was warm enough, hotel lobby was warm enough, but... THE ROOM IS FREAKING COLD... probably from the aircon.

So no, I have no idea what the real weather is!

Right... enough of that. i TRY to take some "normal" photos with my ricoh ok? take already nevermind, still have to upload and post... i don't like my chances. =P

and no way i'll be bringing my SLR along to walk walk. noooooooooo way. who say a normal digicam not good enuff????? =P

Going Hong Kong

Leaving for Hong Kong like... now!

So please forgive me if updates here and replies on email are slow. They are usually anyway, but this time I really do have a good reason.

Back on Sunday!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

E-Session Photo/Video

Dino and I have been doing a couple of E-Sessions together for our lovely couples, him on video and me on photo, and with this combi, here's what happens:

Click on image for video. (lovely artwork by Dino, i have no idea where he finds the time to doll up his DVDs so....!)

Generally, an E-Session stands for "engagement" session, and it's not so much that the couples are engaged (to be married) but rather for the photo/videographer to engage with the couple before the Wedding Day so everyone is comfortable with each other. With Dino and I clowning around, we are already comfortable before the E-Session starts, so actually can cancel it, just that they already paid, so we went ahead to have more fun! =P

I have not been selling this package actively, rather have been talking about it to some couples who have booked me and/or Dino for AD photo/video.

One perhaps, not so obvious advantage of this combo is that you have a video to showcase at your wedding banquet, should you choose not to take up express edits from the photo or video package, or if you do not want to show the baby/growing up photos...

Anyway, let me/us know if you're interested to do such a package, we always have alot of fun and we do NOT plan anything, we just go SOMEWHERE and take SOMETHING and really test the random chaos theory. =)

Monday, January 21, 2008

arthur . gerline

This couple reminds me of a couple of things:

mouths wide open in laughter is NOT ugly!

and... on a more serious note, they remind me of the respect, gratitude, and compliments for my life's work that not only they, but many of my couples have graciously given me. this is something i can only TRY to thank them for by producing these images, and promise to keep continuing... (even when i'm sick!)

Guys, i will TRY to visit you guys in shanghai, maybe enroute to xi'an while visiting my parents, IF they are still there WHEN i get round to it. notice the lack of commitment in my statement? =P


(click for slideshow)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Santorini, Greece, Aug 2008, by 2 of us!

Thought it would be nice to put faces to the two who are gonna make great images in Santorini in August.

Taken by eric at andrew . vivien

Anyways, now that you know who will be shooting, can you please EMAIL US??

I've set up an email address just for those who'd like to enquire for our Santorini, Greece package in Aug 2008: santorini@expressivelyjoho.com

In case you have no idea where/what santorini is, here's a pic:

image above NOT taken by me... copyrights as stated in image.

FAQ for the package:

Q: Have you ever been to Santorini, let alone shot bridals there?
A: Nope, never been close to the place.

Q: Then how can you be so sure you can shoot well when you haven't been there?
A: I shoot well when I go to 3rm HDB flats that I've never been to for AD weddings... so I'm guessing Santorini shouldn't be a problem. =P

Q: Make up / hair how?
A: No idea, this one KIV, package does not include make up but we might fly a make up artist over (at your cost, shared by all the couples)

Q: Won't it be hot in August?
A: Yeap it will be!

Q: Isn't that bad?
A: Hot is better than cold for taking photos.. TRUST ME on this.

Q: Why two photographers?
A: We're there on our honeymoon anyway, you guys are just the extras.

Please gimme more questions and i'll update this FAQ!!


Friday, January 18, 2008

bernard . sue-lyn


no.. not of weddings.. sick physically and desperately trying to get well to... shoot more weddings!

anywayzzzz... sue-lyn couldn't stop smiling, and bernard couldn't stop looking at his skull-with-tophat cufflinks. =P

Click on image for slideshow.

Thanks to Michael Chan for coming along as my associate photographer. Your shots are great!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eleganz shoot

Did this quite a while back for a new agency called "Eleganz", and here's a b/w version of it:

Click on image for slideshow.

2 of them really melt my heart ehehhe... regular readers would know who. =P

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

andrew . vivien

William Chua and I shot this wedding together and the results were... AMAZING.

andrew and vivien you are so lucky!! hehehe..

slideshow time! as usual, pls click on the pic. =)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bridals in Santorini, Greece for Aug 2008

It's confirmed, we will be going to Greece for Bridal shoots in Aug 2008 so please enquire for details.

And yes, there is no typo, the word is WE. there will be myself and another distinguished local photographer shooting your bridal album together for the ultimate in covering all angles!

To find out who the other photographer is, EMAIL ME NOW!



do i really suck at writing self advertisements? EMAIL ME NOW to tell me your views!


seriously, if you do email me at that address, i will still get it. really.

Spring Romance at Meritus Mandarin

I will be at the Spring Romance at Mandarin show this Sunday 13 Jan 2008.

And I will be walking around with a camera shooting for the show so....

See you there!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Wedding Masters Singapore at BOWS 2008!!

Wedding Masters Singapore (WMS) is formed!

We will be having a booth in BOWS Wedding Show and I will be one of the photographers there, under the umbrella of WMS. It's 4 - 6 Jan from 12pm to 10pm.

Do come and visit me for special promotions!

This is the (under contruction!) WMS website:


Thursday, January 03, 2008

sean . chloe

as promised, some pics:

all clickable to larger images.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I would like to wish everyone a great new year ahead! Thanx to all the well wishes, sms, phone calls and emails!

Unfortunately I did not reply some/most of you guys as I have been back to back shooting for the last 2 weeks. 90% of smses came in when i am chasing that once in a lifetime shot, so sorry!!!! =P

The new year started with an ultra fun bridal shoot with Sean and Chloe, and i immediately took a liking to this couple because she has the same name as my future daughter, if any.

pics soon.

I do miss 2007, it was a great year and I achieved heaps. Looking forward to 2008 tho!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


you cannot imagine the power of that statement...

just makes you (me) want to be a better man. =)

today's wedding i didn't do express, so can blog here about... ideals. =)

Christmas wishes

A feeble, late, BUT SINCERE christmas wish to everyone out there:

Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true!!!

it's an oversaid line, but to elaborate further, for wishes to come true, don't stop dreaming!

Ok now.. back to work!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

weiyang . jaslyn

earlier today....

i am SHACK but happy. =)

(click on image for slideshow)

ok gotta rush off to their ROM before dinner soon. =)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Eric and his theories.

Over breakfast today, Eric had a revelation.

I gave him an example saying, say I decided to quit photography and be a graphic designer (it'll be a cold day in hell b4 that happens, but it's just an example!), but the graphic design firm used macs.

Should I spend 80% of my pay in that new job to buy myself a PC to use at work becos i hate macs and love PCs?

His answer was YES.

Suddenly the birds flying around starting making alot of noises.. i swore it sounded like laughter.

Wedding Slideshows

Forgot to mention that I've written a page with a selection of wedding slideshows here:

Wedding Slideshows

It is also linked from the navigation bar on the right.